Explainers and mograph
Create animated graphics to showcase app features
Ilya is flexible, and very skilled in animation and effects. He was extremely responsive and transparent, and gave us time to provide feedback at critical points in the creative. He delivers a great product, and we enjoyed working with him on this project.
Completion Date:   
February 11, 2021
Client Info:   

Located in Austin, Texas, we specialize in providing our video streaming platform to clients looking to provide high quality and performant streaming services to their vendors! Our education product is geared toward creating engaging learning/teaching environments for students and teachers alike.

I was hired to create animated graphics for an ed tech startup, showcasing three key product features. The goal was to incorporate screen shots or medium fidelity wireframes of the actual product with animation, bringing the functionality of the product to life. The client needed a total of three assets created.

As the animator on the project, I was responsible for creating these graphics. I have a strong background in animation and effects, and was able to effectively execute the concept for this project. Throughout the process, I made sure to stay responsive and transparent, giving the client time to provide feedback and input.

The project was ultimately a success, with the client expressing their happiness with the final product. They appreciated my skills in animation and flexibility, as well as my responsive and transparent approach. It was a pleasure working with the client and helping to bring their product to life through the use of animated graphics.

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