Exciting Motion Graphics Opportunity at OpenReel
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Create compelling video with fewer resources

Create, capture & control from anywhere - Remotely control the camera on a Subject’s computer, tablet, or smartphone. Script, direct, record and collaborate in real time.

Consistently film in HD/4K - Reliably capture up to 4K video and 1080p screen recordings locally on the respective device regardless of connection or your crew's location, unlike video conferencing platforms.

Shoot like a pro with advanced capabilities - Simultaneously capture multiple angles, cameras, and presenters on disparate devices in multiple locations, no film experience required.

I am excited to have the opportunity to work with the talented teams at OpenReel on custom motion graphics projects. As a skilled designer with a strong understanding of design and motion graphics elements, I am confident in my ability to create high quality finished projects using Adobe After Effects. My responsibilities will include selecting colors, animations, transitions, and design elements, as well as sourcing and creating custom graphics and editing video footage as needed. I pride myself on my strong communication skills and ability to stay organized and prioritize projects, and I am looking forward to contributing these skills to the team at OpenReel.

I am well-equipped to fulfill the key requirements for this project at OpenReel. My strong skills in Adobe After Effects and understanding of design and motion graphics elements will be valuable assets as I work to create and deliver finished motion video projects that include design elements, animations, branding elements, and lottie animations. I am able to work independently to source and create custom graphics, and I am comfortable collaborating with the development and design teams to execute on specific requests. I am confident in my ability to stay organized and prioritize projects by importance, and I look forward to using my strong communication skills to work effectively with the team at OpenReel.

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