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Create an animated video for feature launch announcement of a mobile app
It was great working with Ilya and we really loved the end result. He went above and beyond to create a great animation for us. Would highly recommend him!
Completion Date:   
September 4, 2021
Client Info:   

Hammr is working towards building the future of construction through community and technology. As one of the most crucial industries in the world, construction plays a vital role in creating the homes, roads, bridges, schools, and other structures that make modern life possible.

At Hammr, they are dedicated to improving the lives of tradespeople by providing them with better community and technology. They are building a new professional network where tradespeople can create digital portfolios and connect with a trusted community of professionals.

Through their efforts, Hammr is working to empower tradespeople and build a brighter future for the construction industry.

I was approached by the client to create a 15-20 second video showcasing three screens of their mobile app to announce a new feature. The deliverable was specified as a 1080 x 1350 pixels video for an Instagram portrait post.

The client provided a detailed script outlining the specific animations and interactions they wanted to see on each screen, as well as a prototype video and an example of the end product they were aiming for. They also emphasized the importance of a quick turnaround time and expressed an interest in building a long-term relationship for ongoing projects.

I worked closely with the client to understand their vision and to ensure that the final product met their expectations. I utilized my skills in video editing and animation to bring the screens to life, paying attention to the specific animation details and interactions outlined in the script. I was able to deliver the initial version within a day of receiving the requirements and was able to make any necessary adjustments based on the client's feedback.

The client was very satisfied with the end result and praised my work, stating that I went above and beyond to create a great animation for them. It was a pleasure to work on this project and I am grateful for the opportunity to showcase my skills. I am hopeful that this will be the start of a long-term collaboration with the client.

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