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Character Animation and Rigging
Create an animated loop from static concept art image
"Ilya is an incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and timely animator. He was kind enough to educate me on how my illustration should be broken up to prepare it for animation. He was able to produce a beautiful piece for our company’s website landing page. He is also extremely responsive and if you have questions he will be there to answer them. Highly recommend his work!"
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November 10, 2021
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The Game That Trains

Cybersecurity training has never been more accessible, engaging, or fun.

The World of Haiku's gamified cybersecurity training experiencetakes you to a dystopian cyberpunk world where you learn practical cybersecurity skills and ethical hacking commands.It's real-world knowledge that can help you launch a rewarding cybersecurity career.‍

This project involved animating a static concept art image for World of Haiku's website. The goal was to bring the characters in the image to life and create a looping animation that would be displayed on the website for the San Diego Special Edition Comicon. To accomplish this, I first had to prepare the characters for rigging by adjusting their proportions, positioning, and hierarchy within the scene. This required careful consideration of the design of the characters, their movements and expressions, and the overall aesthetic of the game.

Once the characters were ready, I used animation software to bring them to life, carefully choreographing their movements and timing to create a cohesive and seamless loop. The end result was a dynamic and engaging animation that effectively conveyed the world of the game and drew in website visitors. Overall, this project required a combination of technical skills and artistic vision, as I had to use a variety of techniques to prepare the characters for rigging and then bring them to life through animation.

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