Character Animation and Rigging
Explainers and mograph
Animate multiple illustrations for a website rebranding.
Completion Date:   
July 29, 2022
Client Info:   

Mighty’s an all-in-one service, not just a lawyer. We'll help you with everything you need to move forward with your life after an accident.

We’re a team of social workers, lawyers, data scientists, engineers, and more on a mission to build a better way to help people after an accident.

I was approached by the client at a critical stage in their rebranding process, just days away from launch. They had a number of illustrations created by the design team and wanted to bring these characters to life with looping animations in different situations. As the animations were intended for use on the web, the client requested vector-based animation for its benefits of being infinitely resizable without any loss of quality, having an alpha channel, having a smaller size than a comparable video, and being adjustable using JS and CSS.

I was excited to take on this project and utilize my skills in character animation to bring the client's illustrations to life. I worked closely with the design team to understand the characters and the desired animations, and I was able to create a series of seamless looping animations that met the client's requirements. The vector animation allowed for the animations to be easily resized and adjusted as needed, and the alpha channel provided flexibility in how they could be used on the web. Overall, it was a challenging but rewarding project, and I was pleased to be able to deliver high quality animations that met the client's needs in such a tight timeline.

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