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Create lottie animation for use in an app
Completion Date:   
November 12, 2022
Client Info:   

EntryReady is a brand of SmartOS, LLC.  Our mission is to launch unique, leading-edge hospitality access-control-as-a-service solutions to improve the guest experience.

Before electronic locks became popular, physical locks and keys were the technological extents of access control. The introduction of electronic locks led to the connection of door locks to an access control system. This allowed the issuance of keys without having to replace the locking mechanism.

For this project, I was responsible for creating five embedded animations that demonstrated how to use a mobile key app with a door lock. The client provided example animation videos, product PNG files, and a workflow document to guide the process. My goal was to create high-resolution animations that could be converted to LottieFiles for use in the app. As an Adobe After Effects expert, I was able to effectively execute the project.

In order to create photorealistic renderings of the client's product, I had to re-texture and re-render the CAD model in various views, which required a high level of attention to detail and technical skill. Once I had completed the renderings, I was able to compress and animate them for the final deliverable. In addition to the animations, I also worked on the client's app splash screen, which needed to incorporate an engaging animation of the client's logo. I came up with a concept that was true to the logo of the client while involving a visual representation of their product's use cases - smart locks.

The results of the project were successful, as the client was very pleased with the final product. They noted that I was a pleasure to work with, citing my fast response time, professionalism, and high-quality work. They also expressed a desire to hire me again in the future. Overall, I was glad to have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the client's mobile key app and help make it user-friendly for their customers. The process of re-texturing and re-rendering the CAD model was challenging, but the end result was worth the effort as it allowed me to create animations that were both visually appealing and accurate to the client's product.

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