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Animate an infographic for the website
"Ilya was quick to respond and easy to work with. From the start of the project kick-off, through several revision requests, he was communicative and outgoing. We ended up with an interactive infographic that we’ll be using on our website, in ads, and in the sales deck which will help us explain our application to potential customers."
Completion Date:   
November 19, 2021
Client Info:   

Encamp was created with the belief that environmental compliance can be made easier, leading to better stewardship of the environment and improved business outcomes through more efficient operations. The company offers technology that serves as a foundation for monitoring and maintaining regulatory data and requirements, all from a single source of truth. Encamp provides high-touch, expert compliance and technology support to guide organizations on their journey towards environmental digital transformation. By strategically working with companies, Encamp helps environmental teams increase productivity and centralize data across their entire organization by transforming their environmental compliance activities with the use of high-tech software and expert support.

The idea behind this project was to make interactive content that could be used on the client's website, email, and social media to explain a technical and complicated topic in a way that is easy to understand. For a period of one to three months, the client needed an expert interactive designer to collaborate with their marketing and graphic design team. The chosen designer had to be familiar with UI, UX, and interactivity design in addition to being proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Framer, or another UI animation software that was compatible. The designer's knowledge of graphic design and Asana project management software was also advantageous.

This project's designer was Ilya, who was able to successfully implement the concept. He was capable of communicating clearly and effectively, condensing intricate ideas and concepts into interactive content that demonstrated user interactions and the client's application. Additionally, he followed the brand's guidelines and demonstrated attention to detail. Ilya was open and communicative throughout the project, responding quickly to requests and meeting deadlines on time.

The client was extremely pleased with the created interactive infographic, indicating that the project was successful. To assist in explaining their application to potential customers, they will use it on their website, in advertisements, and in their sales deck. Ilya was also well-liked by the client, who said that he was easy to work with and kept in touch throughout the project.

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