UI and UX Animation
Logo Animations
Create an engaging organic animation for the DigitalTwin to use in the app
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Chronic metabolic disease is causing havoc on human life. Over a billion people suffer from Metabolic Syndrome, and the number is growing. Diabetes alone afflicts hundreds of millions of people globally.

At Twin Health, we invented the Whole Body Digital Twin™ to reverse and prevent multiple chronic metabolic diseases. Such diseases have a single root cause — a damaged metabolism. Human metabolism is so extremely complex and dynamic that until now it has not been possible to solve for the root cause. I realized the latest advancements in sensors, AI and digital twin technology can be combined with advanced medical science to precisely solve the root cause for the first time. This inspired us to create the Whole Body Digital Twin™.

Using the Whole Body Digital Twin™, physicians have now treated thousands of people and reversed multiple chronic metabolic diseases, while simultaneously reducing and stopping medications. Our health outcomes are so profound that dozens of physicians have enrolled in the Twin service themselves and have reversed their own chronic metabolic diseases. Our unprecedented health outcomes are published in peer-reviewed international medical journals, conference papers and abstracts.



The Whole Body Digital TwinTM is one of Twin Health’s core value propositions and differentiators:

It's a digital copy of you, built from your health data and daily logs. Your Twin constantly analyzes thousands of data points to learn which behaviors improve your health themost. It saves you the guesswork on how to achieve your health goals. With Twin by your side, you can prevent and reverse chronic conditions, like type 2 diabetes. We refer to the Whole Body Digital Twin as your Twin for short. In our app and marketing material, the Twin has already taken a few forms, none of which truly resonated with both members and our team. The latest iteration of the Twin proposed for our T2 redesign was founded through a cross functional workshop exploring the meaning and manifestation of the Twin in our app.


Produce variations of the Twin animation that we can compare and evaluate so the team can align on a single visualization to be used.

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