Typography Animation
Explainers and mograph
Mograph and message visualization for booth displays at a large international trade conference
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Data Science, Refined.

We uncover hidden risks and opportunities with an actionable, science-proven approach while discovering the unseen patterns and trends that show your customer’s true wants.

Your data holds the key to improved business performance. We help companies unlock this potential to deliver the right products and services at the right time.

Unlock the power of data and deliver direct business benefits, without a huge investment. View your data clearly, in real-time, and make the right decisions at the right time.

Harness the full power of integrated AI within a live system with data feedback loops, designed with business use-cases and bottom-line in mind.‍‍‍

Client needs help to visualize our messages that will appear on different sized tv screens across a large booth at an international conference in late February. This work is two-fold: graphic design and 2D animation.

Timeline TBD. With a deadline of completed work (including any revisions) by end of day Friday 27th January.

Graphic design
Copy to be confirmed, but will need various messages designed nicely using the provided comprehensive brand guidelines. The different visuals are set to appear on different sized tv screens/monitors throughout the booth, high attention to detail is needed to ensure the right message is being designed to fit on the correct sized screen. Looking to standardise the design of the content somewhat, so the words, some imagery, and the background changes but layout/font/colours can be reused.

2D Animation
This is where some real creativity will be needed. Client has  an idea of what they are looking for, and a goal they want to accomplish, but the execution is a little open-ended, Client is happy to collaborate and hear my ideas/suggestions on what would be most impactful. Like with the content, once we’ve got a design for the animation Client likes, they will need variations made.

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