Explainers and mograph
Character Animation and Rigging
Bringing flat and lifeless text and imagery to life through motion
Completion Date:   
March 10, 2021
Client Info:   

Scalable Commerce (SpyFly owner and operator) started in 2007 as a provider of backend systems for startups to more easily get to market and *ahem* scale their business. The team at Scalable later found we really, really liked building those businesses too. Today, we launch and operate companies that help people organize and make sense of complex and messy information, protect their families and sleep better too. We still use a much-evolved version of our original backoffice services platform.

The project I was hired to work on involved designing and animating a short explainer video showcasing the features available via one of the client's web applications, Spy Fly. The explainer was to be displayed on the company's website as a way of introducing visitors to the app and its capabilities.

Working on this project was a great experience, as it allowed me to utilize my skills in graphic design and animation to create a visually appealing and informative explainer video. I enjoyed the challenge of distilling the complex features of the app into a clear and concise message that could be easily understood by viewers. I also enjoyed the creative process of designing the graphics and animations for the explainer, as it allowed me to bring my own ideas and style to the project. Overall, I am very pleased with the final product and am grateful for the opportunity to work on such a rewarding and challenging project.

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