Character Animation and Rigging
Explainers and mograph
Descriptive animations for website redesign
"Ilya was great to work with. He was very accommodating, skilled and flexible on what would or wouldn't work and the look we were wanting. I'd definitely recommend Ilya and work with him again on our next round of future illustrations and animations."
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January 21, 2022
Client Info:   

eNotaryLog is a leading provider of remote online notarization tools in the industry.

The eNotaryLog story began when James Mitchell and co-founder Joe Bisaillon founded the company in February 2019. They were motivated to start eNotaryLog after experiencing the challenges of traditional notary services and losing a friend to cancer. They saw the potential for a better solution when Florida passed a law authorizing notaries to conduct remote online notarizations (RON). Since then, the adoption of RON has increased significantly, with permanent RON laws and executive orders in place in 41 states.

The company launched in January 2020 and has since provided online notarization services and support to multiple industries looking to offer a more convenient and efficient customer experience. eNotaryLog also collaborates with businesses to integrate its platform seamlessly through high-level API capabilities.

I was thrilled to be hired by eNotaryLog to bring their website redesign to life with my illustration and animation skills. As a vector artist, I was excited to utilize the inherent benefits of vector illustration and animation, including the ability to create infinitely resizable graphics without any loss of quality, add an alpha channel for flexibility in use, and adjust multiple parameters using JS and CSS.

My main task was to create illustrations and animations that showcase the various features and services offered by eNotaryLog. I worked closely with the design team to understand their vision and create graphics that accurately represented the company's offerings. The process of bringing these features to life through illustration and animation was both challenging and rewarding, and I was pleased with the final result.

In addition to the technical skills required for this project, I also tried to inject a little bit of humor into my work. It's important to me that my clients not only get the professional and high-quality deliverables they need, but also have a little fun in the process. So I hope that my illustrations and animations not only effectively communicate eNotaryLog's features and services, but also bring a smile to their users' faces.

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