Character Animation and Rigging
Create vector animations for a mobile app
Completion Date:   
July 4, 2021
Client Info:   

Laughing Dragon Studios is a full-service animation house specializing in 2D cut out style animation. Located in the heart of Montreal, Quebec; LDS is fully equipped to handle your next animated production from script to screen, making use of Canadian and Quebec incentives to give you the best-looking features or series at the most competitive cost.Established in 2003, with thousands of hours of produced animation; Laughing Dragon Studios is your best partner in creating top tier content for all-sized and all-budgeted projects.

I was approached by a client whom I had worked with before to animate a character for their mobile app. The character in question was a mobile robotic arm, featured in the app's logo, that was meant to perform a series of tasks and emotes.

To bring this character to life, I utilized my skills in character design and animation.I had to pay close attention to the details of the characters appearance and movement. I then proceeded to animate the character, creating a series of emotes that could be used in the app. The greater challenger was to create a rig that was both sophisticated enough to provide for an extensive range of motion and articulation, but at the same time offered a streamlined workflow for the final render that required the "baking/conversion" of all the rigged elements to keyframes prior to render to make sure compatibility of the vector animation with the mobile apps. Thereafter, I had to carefully cull the excessive keyframes and manually adjust the interpolation to optimize the size of the vector animation.

The client was very satisfied with the final result and appreciated my attention to detail and dedication to the project. They even expressed an interest in working with me again in the future for other character design and animation projects. It was a pleasure to work on this project and I am proud of the end result. Animating a character for a mobile app was a new challenge for me, and I enjoyed the opportunity to expand my skillset and contribute to the development of the client's app.

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